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11/01/2010 2:13 PM
Posted by: L. Greenwood

Don't Move Firewood is mentioned in the November 2010 publication of Martha Stewart Living, and we sure are proud!


On page 162 of this month's Martha Stewart Living (available on news stands now!), Don't Move Firewood is listed as a resource for What You Can Do to help fight, as they call it, arboreal blights. Here at Don't Move Firewood, we tend to say just plain old "tree-killing insects and diseases" but however you want to phrase it, it is exciting.


The article itself, named The Root of the Matter, is a good one. It talks about native and non-native tree killing pests, how things get into the country, how they spread, and what people are doing about it. I think it is a good piece that informs the hugely broad and widespread readership of this magazine.


So, welcome, Martha Stewart Living readers! Please check out our website, and thanks for learning more about better firewood use and how to keep your beautiful native trees and landscaping plants safe from diseases and insects.

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